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Situated primarily in Croydon, South London, and the surrounding areas: Surrey, Sutton, and Kingston, we are a well-known, award recognised Removals Company. Alongside this, we provide reliable and bespoke packing services, perfectly tailored to suit your needs and budget.

The Affordable Way to Pack

The process of packing and unpacking when moving is extremely important, but can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming – so it’s really no wonder so many people dread having to do it. Combined with any other problems going on, like work, caring for family (including pets!), dealing with any financial situations, etc, it can generally just be an unpleasant and unnecessary hassle, as well as be physically demanding! A physical toll on your body, on top of any mental or emotional stress, is going to make it even harder for moving house or office to go well. Our aim is to support you to ensure this doesn’t happen. With our help, the experience can instead become hassle AND stress-free; a smooth and swift process; be timesaving, efficient, and effective, but most of all, affordable! Our staff are professional, reliable, and careful with your products, leaving no room for worry or stress over your fragile, personal items, especially during as unpredictable a time as moving house.

Packing Services in London | Affordable Moves and Transport

Our Packing Services 

At Affordable Moves and Transport, we offer three distinct types of packing services: Full Packing, Fragile Packing, and Unpacking. We aim to make our services reliable and cost-efficient, giving you excellent service for your money. If you use our services, the cost of any packing materials will be included in your quote. Otherwise, we’ll supply a full range of eco-friendly and easily disposable materials for your use. Additionally, all our boxes are made from recyclable cardboard.  

Full Packing Service 

Full packing entails us packing all your loose complete household belongings, for example: books, toys, CDs/DVDs, china, glass, kitchen items, picture frames, etc. This is a good fit for anyone who wants to avoid the stress and pressure of packing, and second guessing whether everything is safe and secure. 

Full Packing, Fragile Packing, and Unpacking Services | Affordable Moves and Transport

Fragile Packing Service 

If you would rather transport your non-fragile items independently, our Fragile packing service is for you. We will professionally care for, pack and transport your delicate items: glass, china, and other breakables for you, so you can comfortably move without worrying if your easily broken items are safe. 

Unpacking Service 

After a long day of moving, sometimes you just want to be able to sit and relax for a while, but then you remember you still need to unpack everything. With our unpacking service, this is no longer a worry! We will unpack all your belongings and leave them in the proper rooms, ready for you to rearrange at your leisure, giving you an even more comfortable moving process. 

Expert and Professional Packing in London | Affordable Moves and Transport

If we sound like the right fit for you, or if you’d like more information, call us on 020-3251-0259 for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION quote. Or email us at: sales@affordable-moves.com